Healing swelling without medication

This case history is a narration by Nirmal, who works as a software engineer. She narrates how mind-body relationship helped her to heal the swelling that appeared on her left hand without any medication.

This has happened to me last month (Jan 09).  I am working in a software company, and was waiting for my US opportunity in my project. One fine morning, we received a mail stating that someone from Chennai had been shortlisted for the US assignment on a long-term basis. I got disappointed as I was not referred for that position. I wrote a mail to my manager, asking for the reason, for the job exactly fits my profile.

This was running inside mind, when I went to my native place for the festival season. Suddenly I received a call from Shobana, my yoga teacher. She informed that there is a monthly meeting organized next week, and wanted to know whether we – my self and my hubby, are available.

I broke down and explained to her all that happened and as usual she consoled me with her magnetic voice and positive words. She told me that some other thing might be waiting for me here in India to complete, which might bring more visibility than the US role.

Also, she was advising me to accept the fact and release the thought rather than fuming inside my heart. She asked me to chant the Switch Words – ‘Love Thanks Divine’ as many times as possible to come out of the hurt.

Three days later, I went to my office. Still the incident was running in my mind. It was not so much fuming inside me, as I had on the first day. And later on during the day, I received an explanation that there was a mistake in the email and the role was not yet finalized in US.

Meanwhile, right after the lunch I realized there was a slight pain in my left hand’s middle finger. I could not fold it properly. I didn’t pay any attention though, and took rescue remedy as well as chanting Rescue Remedy.

By evening the middle finger swelled a lot. I was totally unable to move my left hand due to heavy pain. The pain was so much, that I couldn’t control my tears. After I reached home around 8.00 pm, I ended up ringing Shobana and explained to her the situation and that I couldn’t move my left hand even a bit.

She asked me to put my finger in a drinking water, where few pills of rescue remedy is added (for 15 minutes). She also gave me some names of Bach Flowers to chant. I agreed to do it, and by the time I was mixing the pills in water, I received a call from Shobana and what she told me then is still unbelievable to me.

What had happened on the other end is that Shobana had called up Balakumar to discuss my problem. She was stunned after hearing what he had asked her. A single question whether I was overlooked on any issue – overlooked or neglected. Something that needs to come to me has not come to me, but it had gone to others.

Shobana replied ‘yes’, since I had discussed with her three days ago on my onsite opportunity.  She was surprised since this incident was not discussed with Balakumar. Moreover, he mentioned that this is the reason for my suffering. He explained that my body wants me to “let go” of the fuming inside me.

And through Shobana, Balakumar advised me to continue dipping my fingers in Rescue Remedy and chant ‘Gentian, Pine and Rescue remedy’ thorough out the night.

When she rang up to me and explained her discussion with Balakumar, I was speechless with shock, since how beautifully our mind-body relationship is established.

What has happened then is a Miracle!!! After 30 minutes of dipping the finger in Rescue Remedy water, my pain got reduced a little bit. I went to sleep by chanting the Bach Flower remedies as advised. Next day morning, when I got up I was heavily relieved from the pain, though the swelling was persisting. I could go to my office, which I never thought possible earlier night with the level of pain I had.

I called up Shobana that morning and told her the pain has reduced, though the swelling is still there. In about 2 hours of time, after discussing with Balakumar, she called me and advised me to chant ‘I accept the Divine Will, and wait for the Divine Order’ as many times as I can. Believe it or not the pain went off completely in two days, and the swelling in about 4 days.

It is a miracle to us, as the pain and swelling in my fingers got disappeared without taking any antibiotics and pain relievers.

We (my family) thank Balakumar and Shobana abundantly from the bottom of our hearts, for helping us in many different ways in our lives.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  2. SIr,is there any remedy for Enlargement of Prostate gland

    contact the centre and get the remedies

  4. Dear Sir

    when sm1 brings me proposal d first thing i hv is fear n negative thoughts abt d person abt d guy n his family…without seeing him….thay may b they r nt gd people….i wont b happy in tht house….tht guy wl never accept me the way im etc…..n its true till now i neva found a guy who wz ready to accept me the way im….n so i kept rejecting proposals n nw i hv turned 30…..due to ma age ….proposals r getting rejected….m nt coming across ma type of guys….getting negative, hypocritic n backward guys…suggest me remedies…..so tht i may nt hv any fear in ma mind n heart whn proposal comes n i may get a guy of ma choice

  5. af,
    take the flower remedies gentian walnut each three pills four times a day.

  6. Thanx sir for giving sucha wonderful knowledge.sir ji I m sufferings lots if body problem like having lower back pain due slipdisk problem, finger joints and rite hand pain, teeth pain, having skin allerergy too, this time I m chanting I am sorry plz forgive me thanx divine love, meru mudra and vallabham gajanen ek dantam mantra too.I wana know which msg wana give my body.plz help me

  7. anuradha
    SLIPDISC:unable to accept the house feeling alienated with rfelatives;
    working without interest results in finger joints
    unabl to accept life and situations in life is the allergic reaction;
    not expressing what one wants; resenting within; swallowing words will result in teeth problem.
    chant HARI OM

  8. Dear Sir,
    Wonderful article…you are so awesome..Im blessed to be in your circle…
    Thank you for all the knowledge you are giving us…

  9. Dear sir,

    july,2012 i got married..but not happy with my married life in any aspect..as my husband is very irresposible..no value,care concern..love towards me..
    plz help me in providing a solution.

  10. Plz provide me any matra or sloka for good relation with my husband.

  11. Naran sir,
    i have eczema from 10yrs..first tym it happen on my all body now its only occr on legs ..it always accur on skin during summer..i had take so many treatmnts bt nothing work..marks always been on skin (black marks)..when i was 11 i had fits problem..gone thru so many treatmnts doc said becoz of so many medicines in past..eczema n hair fall is a side effect of dat medicines..now i am 35yrs. fits stop when i was 30..n i also stop taking medicines too..plz suggest me remedy to cure me from skin problems n hair fall issues..ty

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