Son repeats his father’s mistakes

Ravi used to join a new company every year.

Suddenly, his right knee started paining.

I asked Ravi to look in to the past and see whether he was repeating his father’s approach in his profession.

Ravi got his first job when he was of the same age as his father.

His father used to move from one company after another. After some resignations, his father was unemployed until his death.

What does the knee pain is informing Ravi now?

Don’t repeat the mistake of your father. You may end up like your father. Be careful!

Thus we will get many spiritual insights from the body. Body protects us from getting into trouble, by expressing in the form of a pain. Please note here that body can give positive messages for direction and focus too.

There Need Not Be A Mistake!!!

A patient complained that his father is no more.

He developed pain in the right knee.

I told him mentally to prostrate to his father. This is one way of thanking and acknowledging his father’s contribution to his life.

After doing that few times, within a day his pain went off.

Right Knee Issues

The RIGHT KNEE pain is related to the issues with the father. It may be one of the following:

  • Conflict with his father.
  • Blaming her father for every problem in her life.
  • He may not allow his sister to have a share in the parental property.
  • There may be deviation from what the family had stood for.
  • Forgotten the promise made to the father.
  • Forgo the interest of his father.
  • Repeat his father’s mistakes.
  • Not utilizing the resources of his father at the right time.
  • Deviated from the principle of his father regarding business.
  • Dispute over the share of the property.
  • One might not be on talking terms with the father.

When does one need to look into these issues? Only when there is a pain or when one gets hurt on the right knee. Then we can say the male guiding self is reminding us.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Naranji,
    I have been reading through the issues for right knee. I have severe right knee pain due to osteoarthritis. I am on homeopathic medicines. I also limp because of this. I can’y walk for long.(then both legs ae painful) Reading through your blog,it says that right knee is for issues of father. But as far as I know, i did not have issues with him. He passed away 23 yrs before. so what do I do. Is there any way to get rid of my pain and limp? Would appreciate your advice and help in this .

    • SASHI

      • Naranji,
        I am 47 yrs old. I have been having this problem for nearly 12 yrs. I also try to do reiki for the pain. Still it is difficult. But I do have issues with my mom, though I dont know why. she stays with me and i seem to get angry with her for eveything. i am not generally a person who get angry soon or bear grudges and keep my anger for long, but somehow i seem to speak a bit loudly to her. I feel guilty after that, but inspite of thinking i shouldn’t automatically i do it. I have started saying ” I forgive you, please forgive and release me” I hope this is ok.. Would like your advice on my righ knee pain.

  2. Sashi,
    The issue here, is your father is not happy over your anger against your mother.
    Don’t ask, how can be a dead person unhappy over my doing.
    Do the forgiving exercise to your father as well as mother. Cut two potatoes into slices with the skin, apply them over the knee and tie them with the cloth. leave it for a minimum of 6 hours and then take them out. This will remoe the pain.
    Liver is connected with all the joints. Any problem in the joints you have to forgive and thank. Thank profusely from the heart all the events in your life. forgive all with whom you have anger.
    If anger is there, love cannot be present. if gratitude is there, joy cannot be there in life.
    chant bow concede together divine also.
    i release that part me which is angry with my mother.
    i align with that part of me which is kind to my mother.
    Write the above daily 21 times.

  3. Hello Sir,
    I need your help for my mother, tension in family as youngest brother bothering her for money and each day he drink and give bad bad very bad word to her.
    Still we hope he will change atleast he will know value of his life. We have doubt of something is wrong but cant find it. We consulted many spiritual person still no result as if any thing wrong from our side or any other reason. Please sir help me any way to change my brother life and make mother happy.

  4. Hello Sir,
    I want to know about forgiveness exercises
    It will help me.

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