Receive Excess Create Swelling

Manjunath developed right shoulder pain. There was swelling in his finger joints too. Everyday it kept on increasing.

I told him if it might be Gout. He could take medicines for Gout after consulting with a doctor.

However, on top of that his body wants him to rectify his way of behavior.

Took the Credit Belonging To His Associate

Manjunath is a sales manger in a marketing organization. He was heading more than 10 sales representatives.

One day a sales rep suggested him an idea to market their company product. When there was a sales conference, the sales manager presented it as his own idea.

The whole management got elated and gave Manjunath 10000 rupees as a gift of appreciation.

Soon after that, he developed pain on the right shoulder and swelling of finger joints.

Gave Back the Credits

I told Manjunath to call his sales rep and hand over the money to him. Write a letter of apology to him as well.

In addition, if he is bold enough, he could write a letter to his management and explain the situation to them.  I told him not to worry about any negative consequences as there is no back pain (which indicates security).

As soon as he gave 10000 rupees to the sales rep, the swelling went off.

The message here is that you have received in excess of your contribution.

Asked for an Apology

When the swelling went off, he wrote a letter to management.

They immediately wrote back appreciating his gesture and gave another 10000 to him as an appreciation of his honesty. What else he needs now?

You do not need a Bad Karma

Otherwise, this would have added to his bad karma as he has caused pain to the heart of somebody.

He would have never been able to work again as his hands swelling would not have come down. He would have visited numerous doctors in vain.


If we do not appreciate or recognize then we will get pain on the right hand side. When we are not recognized or appreciated, then it will be on left side.

The message of the body

It is fantastic. It shows that we are always under the divine supervision of the body. What else we need, other than the divine guidance.

If we could understand every message of the body, our whole life would be a life of love. There will be harmony around us as there is harmony and understanding within us.

Hats off, to the divine body!

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About Naran

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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