Separated Relationship


Vidya is married for 25 yrs. Now she has a herniated disk and back pain as well.

On their first night, Vidya told her husband that she is not interested in physical intimacy. However, they can get intimate only to give birth to a child. Later on, they have to abstain from it.

The husband would have wished if she had told him earlier, he would not have married her at all.

However, God has a reason behind every action. It is God’s Will.

She Imposed Her Will on Her Husband

They had a son and their physical relationship ended as she decided.

She had imposed her will on her husband! In addition, she was separated from him emotionally.

Now after 25 years, around the age of 55, she has the pain.

For the past five years, she has consulted many doctors, but to no relief from the pain. She had undergone different kinds of treatments and had gone through various types of scans too.

Let Us Analyze Her Case

Hernia means separation.

Back disks are separated as she has separated (alienated) herself from her husband.

Body is telling her now that what she had done twenty-five years ago back is not correct.

It would have warned her even at that young age in the form of pain. She would have taken then some painkillers. As she was young, she would have overcome the pain comfortably.

Unfortunately, at this age, she cannot rectify the mistake.

Therefore, I asked her to do the forgiving exercise.

The Forgiving Exercise given:

  • She was to write her husband’s name and her name on a piece of paper, and kept it on her left palm.
  • Then close it with her right palm and affirmed, “I am sorry. Please forgive me. Love, Thanks, and Divine!”
  • Then she had to visualise sending them both to God’s source, to be healed by its light and love.
  • Then she was to bring them back from God’s source and affirm, “Love! Thanks! Divine!”
  • In addition, she had to do the affirmation, “Let this not happen in my next life. Let me then unite with my husband mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually”.

Her Progress Was Miraculous

When I suggested the above, I did not have much hope. However, after one month, she was almost all right.

She learnt yoga. Initially she had difficulties. However, after a few days of Yoga and Pranayama, she gradually gained some improvement.

Now her movements are not restricted. Her pain is bearable as well.  She is able to walk joyfully. However, she feels a little bit of pain now and then.


Once you realize your mistake and ready to rectify it, then the body adjusts and rectifies the pain with the thinking let this person be pardoned 🙂

Please note the above material is from the monthly meeting held on Jan and Feb 2009 on Mind and Body Intelligence.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Naran,

    Please post more of this kind of remedies I have a friend whose uncle has been separated from his wife for 22 yrs and has not seen his son who is now 21 yrs of age. Please guide my friends’ uncle, he is in Germany.


  2. Ask him to take chicory waterviolet – 3 doses of 3 pills.
    he can take the pearl pills also.

    • Dear Mr Balakumar,

      Can my friend’s uncle chant the names of the essenses incase he is not able to find the essenses in Germany?


  3. Dear Mr. Balakumar,

    I recently broke up with my boyfriend. And I have been hurting terribly. I would like us to come back together. Casually I cam across your website and have tried some of the mantras and even the forgiveness exercise. I still wake up with a heavy feeling and with a lot of emotional pain. Please guide me in this difficult period.
    Thank you
    God Bless you

  4. chant Ignatia, chicory, star of Bethlehem while going to bed by being in the safety Mudra postrue. (Thumb touching the tips of little finger and ring finger.)
    you will be free from emotional trauma

  5. Naran sir
    My husband and in laws married me only because they thought they would get much money from my family without telling us so. When they realised they cant have it as my father does not hav that amount they started ill treating me . My husband always stayed separately from me at a different city as advised by his family. Now they have looked for another girl for him who cann give them that amount and my husband has applied for divorce already.
    Please help me sir as i dont find any hope and also my life will be shattered please suggest some methods to stop or change my husband to understand what is right and let us start anew life together with love and respect for each other.

  6. Sir 1 of my frnd has an in last 1 n half yrs they almost 3 time broke up n then again pachup.everytimd when she felt its all over the relationship again she already had a bad past so she now scare that same thing wl repeat. Sir in such situation what us divine signal….she should keep trust or breakup? Please anyone from ur team reply.

  7. Respected Sir,

    I am going through very bad phase in my married life. I have been married for 4 years.My husband and my mother in law are very greedy and shameless folks. It was a love marriage but the real picture came out at the time of marriage when me and my parents were harassed about dowry,asking me to take loans right after marriage. My husband has never take my financial /emotional /physical responsibility. My husband has eversince misbehaved with my family and insulted them by visiting our and his relatives house along with his mother.Recently also,he left me at my home after misbehaving with my Parents and siblings and is now saying that my Parents should apologies him and then only he will keep me. My husband and his family never have a feeling of regret, they never apologies for what they speak or behave and are not ready to keep me back before my Parents apologies.
    My Parents now don’t want to send me back and even I don’t want them to get on their knees for such a terrible husband.

    Kindly help me with something that can be done to
    1. make them realize their mistakes and their greediness
    2 make them realize that they cannot earn respect if they can’t give
    3 make them apologies to me , my Parents and family for the way they have treated us and be good with me and my Parents and reconcile themselves

    I don’t want my marriage to break. Appreciate your kind words that can help me get through this situation.

  8. Tarun sharma

    I want divorce from my wife. Please help me

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