Give 100% to Your Work

Ram is working in a software company.

He developed a left shoulder back pain. I asked him whether he has any problem in the office. He replied that he has no role in the office and therefore, he is not working to his satisfaction.

The Message from his body is, “Because of your lack of interest, your contribution is less in the office. You are giving less than you are receiving. If you continue to do so, in the future you will get lesser appreciation. There may be a cut in the salary too. Even if you find a new job you will be paid less there. If you don’t want these things to happen then give 100% of your efforts”.  Otherwise your receiving will become lesser and lesser.

I asked him to affirm ‘I choose to find ways to give 100%. I stop resisting the present job. I accept it totally’.


The moment he committed, the body pain was reduced. Please note that there is no right or wrong here!

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Hello NAmashkar Sir NAranji
    Sir Please give me some switch words mantra,healing words,numbers or any healing method for the person who is Paralysed and blood does not reaches her brain .She is on bed long back two years.
    This is one of my sister-in law’s maid servant’s daughters health issue.Kindly guide me for the benefit for healing the girl.Its urgent request .Kindly guide me.

  2. download pictures of gems stones EMERALD AND CORAL hang the pictures of in front of him and let him see the pictures.
    chant MADHAVAM MADHAVAN over a tumbler of water and give him. many can chant for him.

  3. Happy u r of immense help to the needy..sai bless

  4. Pls help me with switchword to be the best leader at work.. i want to set example with excellent leadership skills
    Right now a victim of politics at work.
    pls help!

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