My body approved my love affair

A girl of 21 years old approached me for pain in her left shoulder which has become immobile. This girl loved a person from a different caste. She was forced to stay in the house as their affair was not approved by her father.

I asked her to tell her background and narrate on what happened before she had the pain.  She broke down and said she is in love with a person and that person is good.

I told her, “Forget about your parents. Let us get an answer from the body. Even if the pain goes by 10%, then the body is confirming it”.

She affirmed, ‘I am not worried about others as I believe that god is guiding me. God is guiding me to marry the person of my choice.’

As she said the affirmation few times, her pain went down quite a bit. This means her body is favoring the marriage. It says don’t worry about caste. Don’t worry about the approval of your marriage. God (through your body) is guiding you to marry him.  God is approving this marriage, why we need others’ approval. It is not necessary.

I asked her to honor the body by marrying her lover. She is happily married to that person now.

Left Shoulder Back Pain Indicates…

  • When you are not appreciated or not recognized.
  • When you are put to shame
  • When your actions are considered bad, regarded as incorrect, or not approved by others.

You will get pain initially. Then numbness will develop as more and more you go through those feelings.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  2. Naran balakumar

    “i am content and fulfilled in my life.” You have to do acceptance Mudra and say this.
    I have developed Mantra Cd for both High bp and Diabetis. You can listen to the Cds. Within 21 days, you sugar level will drop down and bp too.
    In the back ground the frequency(Rife frequency) that is applicable for both conditions is played.
    The Cd is for 20 minutes. you can listen for two times.

  3. Dear Sir,

    I am visiting India in June. Would love to get all your cds & books. If you let me know the price of the cds, I will mail you a cheque after I reach India. Do you have anything for pinched nerves in the spinal cord? My dad is suffering from pinched nerves for the past 4 yrs and is unable to walk properly. He is 69 yrs of age.


  4. the cost of each Cd is Rs.100/-
    for your father, i will prepare some remedies and give you

  5. Mônica Clemente (Manika)

    Mr Naran, my name is Manika, I´m from Brazil. I hope you are weel. I´m writting to say thank you a lot for the generosity of your informantions in this blog.

    For more than 20 years I´m looking for the meaning of the problems in my left side of the body. I have knee problems since I was 5 (i´m 46) , I broke my left ribs and clavicle in a car accident im my 25 years, Lost teeth this side, have a lot of pain in all this side of body, and yesterday in a theater class I got hurt in my left shoulder. So I went to google to find any way to understand what my body is shouting and found your blog. THANKS A LOT. I don´t know if you give any consult by skype, and if so, how could I pay. Best wishes, Manika

  6. Dear Sir NAranji what is the remedy for myopia and 4mm heart murmur one of my friend’s twin children has this problem.Kindly help.

  7. ftrrs
    what is the age of these children?

  8. Sir,

    I have been working in IT Industry for the past 12 years. Doctor says I am allergic to AC. But I have to live with it. In the office, every colleague is saying hot, but I will be the only one sitting with a fur coat on with my hood jacket, socks , and everything on. All my colleagues laugh at me while passing. Why is this so. What is my body trying to tell me. Please let meknow.

    thanks is advance

  9. Roopa
    Daily you have to take BLUE COLOUR pills which i have made, from yellow sapphire. you take three pills three times daily. you will come out of the problem.

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