Face the music and solve your issues amicably

Ms. N

My left side of the face is swollen from last one week. I am having slight pain in the left ear and neck too. I consulted an ENT Doctor, who has asked me to take anti-inflammatory pain-killer tablets. But still the pain and the swelling persist.

I do not know what is my body is trying to guide me.

Please advise me.


Find out whether you had any conflict with your brother or sister-in-law or your mother. End the conflict amicably.

Ms. N

You are absolutely right Naran. I do have conflict with my Brother and Sister-In-Law for many years.  I was seeking for an answer and just like that I started chanting below mantra’s last evening for 5-10 minutes, “OM LUM NAMAHA, OM VUM NAMAHA, OM RUM NAMAHA, OM YUM NAMAHA, OM HUM NAMAHA”.

From last night pain swelling has reduced. In fact, I did not take any medicines yesterday.


Left side means females. The conflict is predominantly with females.

“A pain in the neck” means annoying or troublesome. The face is swollen, indicating the congestion in the face. There is hostility, and the congestion indicates troubled relationships. The person thinks that she must confront. But the swollen face says that you would face terrible consequences, if confrontation is continued. Ears are energetically connected to kidneys, which represent parental side.  

There is pain in the neck. This confrontation is troublesome. Confrontation will never get you anything. It will continue to annoy you, if you don’t change your stand or outlook.

To avoid facing unpleasant consequences, let go the issue and don’t demand anything.  Even if you are justified in whatever you are doing, the body says, “Let Go Forget Forgive”

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Wonderful explanation Sir !

    Its amazing to know how our body reflects our thoughts and emotions.

    Thank you.

  2. ftrrs
    what is the problem?

    • What is the remedy for too much weight? My husband is overweight and I want him to get fit. He has high cholesterol also.

      Due to weight his knees pains while climbing stairs and is having vitamin D deficiency too.

  3. I have a combination of flower remedies. He can try.

    Ask him to keep the ring finger under the thumb daily for 15 minutes. This is fire mudra, which will reduce his weight.

    Ask him to chant Switch words, “CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW ON”

  4. I like to add my husband is also taking Allopathy for HBP, Vitamin D and for joint pain. So can he take the Flower remedies along with that?

  5. Flower remedies are for mental state and not for physical problems. What is the mental reaction of your husband to the problem?

    Meanwhile, chant HARE RAMA HARE KRISHNA for his joint pain.

  6. I am reading this post only today, have not seen it before. Last week I had a something similar pain and swelling in neck and throat radiating to ear and chest almost like bronchitis which I used to suffer from many years ago. I tried first to think if i had eaten anything ‘wrong”- though i did eat an icecream the prev day, somehow I felt it is not that. I had no cough or cold or congestion. It was so bad that by day 2 evening, I was ready to go to a physician though reluctant as I knew he’d prescribe a pain killer or anti-imflammation. Knowing the wisdom in this bIog and what naran sir says, I tried to think from healbymindbody msg what it could be. On the way, I thought, maybe I am talking to someone I’m better off not encouraging or avoiding talking to a person. Then I realised that I was avoiding someone for almost six months and one week specifically as she wanted to talk to me and I didn’t want to because of some negative feelings I had abt her and also from past. Instead of going to the doctor,I did the release exercise and finally had a long chat. Within a day the pain and swelling had reduced and was better. I was also doing other things so I don’t know what exactly cured it but I believe it was the body message to face issues and resolve negative emotions I had for so many years. I feel free and happy and confident now instead of avoiding or confronting, I could deal with it. I am sorry for this long message but felt to share the experience with readers of the blog.

    • Wow!! happy to know about your healing yourself …. WE all do some or the other time wrong it is better to correct our self ..The Best Way is To FORGIVE. It is Best as FORGIVENESS IS HEALING ITSELF.
      BEST regards

    • Thank you Naran Sir and Shobana Ma’m for the help and guidance you give.

  7. Angélique Van Wesemael

    Dear Naran, my lymph nodes are often swollen.
    For the moment under my left ear. I think the superficial cervical and at the same time in my right groin. What can you advise me please? Thanks in advance!

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