Lack of love received


My wrist pain of one year went off within a day.

When I complained of the pain to Naran, he asked me, “What were the feelings that came to me when the pain was there”. We found that it was lack of love being received from my husband. I felt him being unreasonable to me sometimes.

So I started affirming, “Even though I feel I am not receiving sufficient love, I am willing to give abundant love. I am born to love”. As I started chanting, this my pain reduced to almost 90% of what it was.

So I called Naran and asked him what to do to get fully relieved. He told me that pain in any part of the body signifies lack of love being received. So he asked me to give love to the wrist the following way:

  1. Place the left wrist on the left palm (visualize it)
  2. With the right palm send universal love and light to the wrist
  3. Let there be some distance between the two palms
  4. Also ask the hand to accept universal love and light
  5. Chant the switch words, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE FIND DIVINE LOVE” while sending love to my wrist.

Within about 10 minutes of doing this, the pain just vanished off completely. Then there was soreness for a while. I didn’t find time to ask Balakumar again. So I just continued the same and it is fine for over a week now.

The best part is I have never attended any switch words classes and don’t even know what concede create and center mean!!!

Thank you Naran

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Answering to Renu’s question about wrist pain, you have suggested to place the left wrist on the left palm (visualize it). If there is pain on back side and tail bone how to do it? My sister always has this problem.

    By chanting SW phrase can she get rid of her pain?

    And according to mind body relationship what is she lacking in her life and what are the remedies for the same?

  2. ftrrs
    Yes switch words can relieve the pain.

    Place your back side and tail bone on the left palm and chant the switch words, “CONCEDE CLEAR CENTRE CANCEL PAIN FIND DIVINE ORDER”.

    Lower back pain means insecurity – fearful about money, position etc.

  3. Is there any mantra to be chanted for world peace? Today I read about the bomb blast in Delhi HC and people’s body parts flying all over the place!!!

    What can be chanted that such bad incidents stop happening and the world becomes a safer place to live for children, friends and family?

  4. DP

    It is very disturbing to note that India -a peaceful loving country – is always tormented with terrorist attacks. You asked a right question at the right time. This question is perturbing me for quite some time.

    “OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA” is one mantra which can protect places and people. Atmospherically, the five elements are totally imbalanced in India.

    Balance these five elements – Space, Air, fire, and water, Earth – by coming out of your body. Say, “I am the atman and not this body or mind”.

    Say “ENTER CENTRE” visualizing yourself coming out of your body through your head.

    Stand outside the body and say, “The atman (which is full of light) in association with Paramatman (universal soul) is sending light to balance and harmonize the five elements of India “.

    Visualize a picture of peace covering all over India and its people, starting from your house covering up cities and states one by one and chant “OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA” for first two minutes and “CHANGE DIVINE ORDER FIND DIVINE ORDER” for the next three minutes.

    The whole of this exercise will take 10 minutes.

    After finishing, “I am the atman going back to this body.”

    A group healing of minimum of 10 persons doing at the same time will be much better. Form a healing group and do it.

    • while visualising, you can chant OM HOWM VUM JOOM SAHA for first two minutes and CHANGE DIVINE ORDER FIND DIVINE ORDER and for the next three minutes.

      • Thank you dear naran. I will try and practice this.

        • I liked the way you said about India’s peace. I also have a question but it may sound different. So pls don’t get me wrong.

          Is there any chant which can make a good relationship between India and Pak, as I have many Pak friends from which I can say all are not terrorists?

          We all are human beings. If anyhow I can help to do it I will be happy.

          • madhu,
            Thank you. It is a good question.

            This all of us should do, at least for five minutes a day. Pass this on to your friends.


            Rishyasingar was a saint doing tapas (meditation) thousands and thousands of years ago, somewhere in the interior forests of Karnataka forest. In his surroundings snakes and frogs tigers and deer’s lived friendly. It was his aura or energy which transformed the enemies into friends.

  5. It has been 2 1/2 years I shifted to our new house. I am devotee of Lord Vishnu and I have virtually surrendered this house to Lord Vishnu. So I will be careful by not saying my house but Lord House.

    What should I do for the house to get good energy, alive and divine so that anybody who visits the house get a good feel and leave with a happy solution?

  6. Chadra Jobai
    Treat everybody who visits your house as the Lord Vishnu.

    If you do that your heart chakra will expand and everybody will have a good feel.

  7. My husband keeps complains that in this world, “Everyone hates me. I have no good friends, relatives. Because everyone tries to take advantage of me, I keep away from my relatives and friends”.

    Also, my husband does not like me inviting anyone on the weekends, meet anyone outside and visit any of my relatives or friends house. Also he insults me and abuses me in front of others. Knowing this some of my friends does not want to visit my house as they cannot take what my husband does to me.

    In addition, how will anybody visit my house without me going to their place or inviting them to my place? Especially, this has increased after shifting over to the new house in the past 6 months. Literally, I have no one visiting my new house. In fact, I cannot give Kumkum (Vermillion Powder) to any ladies also.
    I do not know what to do. Can you suggest something?

  8. roopa

  9. My Aunt is having cancer in her uterus. She got operated and her uterus was removed. But once again she is feeling a lot of pain in the abdomen and water has accumulated in her stomach. Even doctors are refusing to admit her in their hospital saying that there is very less chance of her getting well.

    Can you please advise something on this, some switch phrase that will cure her cancer and intolerable pain?

    • kishor,
      Life is fundamentally management. Don’t ask for cure.

      Chant ACHUTHA GOVINDHA KRISHNA as many times as possible over a glass of water and give that water to her, in small sips.

  10. I’m having severe back pain, since 6-8 months, bcoz of which I can’t do much of the household work.
    Mine was a love marriage, my husband’s is of helping and caring nature, he goes out of his way to help others, but forgets his family.

    My baby is 13 months now. So my parents came to help us during my delivery time. But his behavior with my parents was not at all good. His behavior has hurt me a lot.

    Now I want to go back to work, it is also difficult to get the job after a year gap I have lost all my confidence, but he is not allowing me to go to work. He knows very well I have to help my parents financially, but he is not bothered.

    Because of his angry nature I have stopped telling him about my dreams and wishes and feel lonely. There is lot of misunderstanding between us.

  11. sujatha,
    BUY HAMONY remedies from the centre and put it in common water

  12. Misunderstandings between us are increasing day by day. I had received an interview call and I told him about that. May be I didn’t express properly. But he felt that I didn’t tell him. I was hiding things from him and I’m taking my own decision.

    When I was giving him explanation he got angry with me and beat me. In this way unnecessary misunderstandings happen between us.

    Meanwhile, can I do something to sort all these problems – chanting or something else? Even I didn’t get that job. My mind is disturbed a lot and can’t concentrate on things.

  13. From last 3 days my right leg also started painting, and since yesterday swelling in ankles of both legs and pain in right finger toe, while moving. I’m unable to understand why all this pain now. I’m also getting weird feelings that I should finish myself.

    But back pain has again started and not going. The pain is if I stand for some time and then sit it will hurt me like anything and while turning either side. More pain is towards lower and right side. Even I can feel some cloths sometime which pains.

    I want to concentrate on my family and career. Even there is lot of confusion regarding my career. Not understanding whether I should learn something new, but not able to concentrate. I’m not able to talk to my husband freely as before, and he doesn’t have time for me. When at home either he is busy with kid or laptop.

    • sn,
      while in chin mudra,chant VALLABHAM GAJAANANAM YEAKDHANTHAM. This is specific for back pain.
      for pain anywhere in the body, immediate pain reducer is HARI OM

  14. Naran ji,
    I’m taking harmony remedy pills, but still backpain while moving is there, I observed 1 thing when I was in my inlaws house intense pain was there, in my parents place the pain was very less, back to my home pain again intense pain.

    1 more thing I want to add I lost my mother in law on 15th feb this year. we did all rituals and then came back to UK, but my husband asked me to keep my mother in law photo with all Gods statue, as I have heard that we should not keep photos of expired person with GOD, correct me if I’m wrong so I’m not comfortable with that but for his happiness I have kept the photo with God.
    Can you please give me some bach flower remedy or mudra to convince him and keep photo in some other place.


    • sn
      write his name and your name in a paper. draw a circle around the names. draw one more concentric circle around the first one.
      in the gap write ADJUST TOGETHER CHANGE DIVINE ORDER NOW. daily see this paper and chant for about 100 times and keep the paper safely somewhere.

  15. dear Sir,

    der’s 1 guy who wanted to marry me bt bz of his behaviour….m confused…cz he is irritating, possessive n hot tempered …v aggressive kind n gt hurting nature ….i said no to him cz der wz no peace in d relationship….bt whenever i think abt him der’z pain in ma left leg …especially knee part ….wt does it indicate

  16. whenever i chant scleranthus…..i dnt feel interested in tht guy….wt does tht indicate?….i dnt hv feelings to talk to tht person

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