‘Hand’ful of messages from our body

Right shoulder pain

All long he was lazy. He has to fulfill the duties in full. He will avoid interviews if there is any problem attending the interview. He will give an excuse, “I have to attend my friend’s marriage”. Which is priority number one in your life? It is responsibility. So you need to be responsible is the message from this pain.

Left hand fingers, especially middle

Stop criticizing, condemning, blaming others; have Intolerance. For some, they will get pain in the right hand fingers.

Left hand

Body is giving and receiving through hands. When you get pain in them, don’t think in terms of right or wrong. Think it as a message from your body.

If you are angry, when you need love, nobody will love you. Left hand side pain indicates you will not receive love.

Right hand

Right hand side pain indicates:

  • That what you have is more and therefore, give more.
  • If you have pain on top of the hand, then take the Bach Flower remedy CENTAURY.
  • Give now is the message from right hand. Otherwise, when you are ready to give to a person, then they may not be available to receive it from you.
  • Have an attitude of gratitude as it is missing from you.
  • Understand and grasp the subject on hand. The person who works more knows less. They will have pain in the right hand.

Right ankle

You have taken a decision. Now, reverse the decision is the message from the body.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. sir, i recently found i have osteoprosis arthritis in my right ankle and its paining. pain is increasing day by day. and my knees making too much clicking(grinding) noices, please advice me any chanting sw or matras. so i can cure this arthritis.thanks

  2. Teacher, I have been experiencing headaches that have affected the right side of my face especially behind my right eye after engaging in the forgiveness exercise. I know you have said headaches are the result of too much energy int he third eye and I am wondering if I am implementing too many practices and maybe just need to take a break or if the headache is some sort of sign. I want to emphases that that forgiveness exercise is creating true wonders in my life but that yes I am worried that these headaches are indicative of something connected to the practice…perhaps who I am forgiving?

    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  3. Grace
    when the headache comes, repeat, “i Accept this headache and myslef totally.

  4. Sir iam having pain on left side of mybody,headache, left full leg pains, n clicking sound every nw feels like sumthgs pulling n its like almost 3months. N iam asthamatic too n suffring frm drycough frm last 4-5months. Sir kindly help.
    Sir can u suggest me any mantra for weight loss.
    Thanks in advance sir.

  5. jaya,
    chant CRAB APPLE. daily 500 times

  6. Naran sir
    it is very good blog learnt so many things,

  7. I have been chanting vallabham gajaaaanam ekadantam regularly and yesterday my son presented me with a vinayaka in an elephant tooth I felt that The Lord came to stay with me because of my chanting and it is a miracle sreelatha rao

  8. Sreelatha Rao,
    yes. You have the blessings of the Lord Ganesa.

  9. What does my body want to say..when I have a constant weight of around 45 kgs at the age of 24 (which is quite less when compared to others)?

    I am fine with my body.. but I have a lot of people criticizing my body type and saying ‘you will disappear one day”..

    I dont understand if I should be worried and upset about it.

  10. Radhika,
    if you are fine forget about what others say about you. chant crab apple

  11. Will sure do : )

    Thank you!! ..I thought you would reply something like “eat something to put on weight!”

  12. SIr, Can you please tell me the remedy for Enlargement of prostate
    gland which cause urinating problem.?

  13. Dear sir Naranji Namshar .. Sir kindly suggest remedies for my husband whose right foot in between knee and foot is hurt and have formed pus and area below knee till foot is swollen. Thanks

  14. Sir, today when i woke up in morning i had pain in left middle finger.. Is this pain some message from my body ?

  15. sir that pain was with my leg.. Is it still same ?

  16. I feel pain at the top of the head… in tamil people call it Uchan thalai”…. is it a sign of something sir!

  17. Naranji,

    Namaskar sir, I am 28 yrs old and suffering from serious diseases like Hashimtos and PCOS since two years. I am scared of getting married. Could please suggest me some remedies. Thank you sir.

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