Find Love and Trust

Ms. RV

What significance is a person falls down and fractures one of the bones in the foot, on the sole?

Is there any mind-body relationship there? What are the Bach flower remedies or switch words to remedy this situation?


You are flouting your own rule or principle.

What is a MENTAL FALL?

“Don’t deviate from love even if the other person is totally 100% unjustified or wrong in his action.” This is the message of the body.

Ms. RV

Thank you Naran for the message revealed.

Can any switch words be used or flower remedies for this condition as it is for my friend.


Ask her to chant “I trust myself and all totally”.

Exercises from “I Love Myself” workbook to develop trust in oneself and life


Think about your unnecessary fears and worries (over which you cannot do anything) and release them one after another.

Fear about others, self and health – when there is fear, it will not allow love to be there. To remove your fears chant, “I AM SORRY. PLEASE FORGIVE ME. FIND DIVINE FIBER”

The switch word FIBER creates movement, as fear constricts a movement.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Dear Sir,

    Few days back, I burnt my right fore arm while I was cooking, though I knew for some reason this accident happened I was ignored to talk to you. Now it’s completely healed but left with marks.please tell me what is the message for me and what i can chant for this burnt marks & also I need your advise for avoid such accident.
    Thanks & Regards

  2. Nayana,
    when we do cooking, we should not keep thinking angry thoughts within us. “Stop your anger against a male” isthe message. You may be doing over work, but instead of getting angry and frustrated, find out ways of lessening the burden of work. or do the work with pleasure not thinking about any previous incident or person.
    Chant OM HREEM TAHA. You may be right in getting angry. Kitchen is a place of love.Then can we not express our anger at all? you can. go to a room. take a pillow pounce on it with all your anger till you are satisfied. Think the person while banging the pillow. Then do the forgiving exercise. Exhaust your animalic tendency. Then bring the Spiritual quality. Go to kitchen as if you were entering for the first time. cook with joy and love. Thank everything that you have to cook, Including the vessels and stove. Act with kindness as if your were mother to your husband.

  3. Hi Sir, I am having suffering from pcos. When pcos is there, there will be problem in having periods. But for me from past 21 days I am having continuous periods. I don’t know if it has some body message.. 23-24 days back there was a proposal for marriage. I do not like this proposal as i am in love with a guy who belong to different caste.. On Thursday the guy is coming to see him.. I am really not interested in this as I want to marry the person whom I love.. please tell if this problem has some message..

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