Bend With Love


I am 67 yrs old.

My Blood has Cantankerous HLAB27. I am getting FROZEN Spine from Neck Downwards, unable to Bend, Twist on Bed.

Please tell me the divine switch word as the Disease is incurable entropy of body till Death.


Review your life.

1.       Find in which part of life or with whom you are unbending.

We have certain beliefs, by following of which, we might have hurt someone.

During our life we tend to find fault in others, whether family or friends or government. When we criticise or do back biting, we ignore the love, beauty and grace of the divine operating in this world.

In life, nothing that we acquire (our principle, our beliefs, our opinions, our knowledge) is important.

2.       Assess the life in terms of love.

How much love have you given?

Were you tolerant and respecting others?

Were you in a state of forgiveness?

Were you motherly?

Asses as even now it is not late.

3.       Revisit your past and Change every event of life as the life of love.

Visualise every event.

Ask for forgiveness.

Fill it up with love and gratitude.

Visualise every event. Say “I am sorry, please forgive me. Let me fill my heart with love and gratitude, to experience the divine within me”.

Every minute thank the divine for all the events in life.

4.       Repeat saying the following releasing statements:

  •  “I release my desire to control or change anything”.
  •  “I release my desire to be loved”.
  •  “I release my fear of life”

Do it as many times as possible.

5.       Write in a piece of paper “ADJUST CHANGE DIVINE ORDER” and keep it under the pillow.

  •  Adjust: switch word to adjust to the circumstances and painful situations
  •  Change Divine Order: switch words to achieve perfect health

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Sir, Quite some time ago, I read in your blog, that the Mantra Lalitham Sadashivam can help with male female balance. Does that mean that when a person is obsessed with finding love in their life it will heal that aspect for them? If so, how much does one need to chant to get over this obsession?

  2. help,
    chant as many times as possible

  3. Sir,
    I need your help.I have many health issues related to stomach and respiration.I am also very lean.Kindly advise some mantra ,Bach flower or switchword to gain good health and gain weight.

  4. Hello Sir,

    How are you? : )

    I don’t have anything to ask for.. yet I just felt like writing in to you ..hope you are doing good..

    My life is quite good now..I think its coz I have left worrying about my future.. I wont say..I am really happy..but its a state of calm

    Cheers to destiny 🙂


  5. Radhika,
    i am very happy that you have enquired about me. I am doing well.

    • Sir,
      My younger brother’s son is only 12th pass and now 24 years old. He has no job which worry my brother a lot. But that boy is very nice. He is taking care of 87 years old Grand father who is bed ridden and doing everything on bed when my brother is away. He washes his clothes and bath him daily. But my father does not give any response to his care and attention.
      Whereas my elder borther & his children does not give much time. He wants full authority on property of my father in Delhi which will fetch them huge amount to him. He does not want to share this property with younger brother.

      Whereas my younger brother will get small amount as he lives in Punjab and father is living with him.

      I pray to God that that boy life will be full of health and wealth. Can you tell any mantra which I can chant for that boy to get job.


  6. Anita,

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