Can women find solutions to the problems they face?


Can we women find a complete solution to recurring gyneac problems e.g. UTI, yeast infections, pelvic inflammatory disease, urinary incontinence, uterus prolapse or weak pelvic muscles.

Like one mantra to solve all these problems!!

I would appreciate your guidance as I am sure this would be a common problem for most women.


Your question though puzzling, is quite interesting. All these gyneac and their symptoms have only one common thread: “Unable to accept the gender or sexuality in which one is born”.

It is there in most of the women.

These gyneac problems suggest that the fairer sex is not accepting or constantly resisting her role as a female.

Message from the body

For women’s urinary tract infections: one is too much attached with her parents – unable to detach and relate well with the in-laws. It could be either homesickness or comparing the in-laws with their parents.

Uterus prolapse: total denial and resistance to the menstruation cycles.

Pelvic inflammation: rigidity in the relationship with the husband.

Weak pelvic muscles: inability to accept and love oneself; total denial of what is happening; or feeling powerless.

Urinary incontinence: the mind constantly worries and wants to go back to the child state. Wanting to be taken care off.

Mudra for healing

The following Hara Mudra can help all the women in general:

Right hand thumb touching ring and little fingers. Left hand touching middle finger and ring finger

Be in this Mudra and chant, “I OPEN up myself to the LOVE, BEAUTY and GRACE of the DIVINE”.


About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. radha narayanan

    This is a divine gift.can this mudra help us in workplace where men with mentality of 1900 live that women should not work-stay at home etc…My boss is one such person and he hates us women and takes no chance to humiliate us,Will this mudra help in such situations?

  2. sir., is there any mantra for curing vitiligo…please kindly tell me…?and can i chant mantra instead of patient and in which pose i have to sit?

  3. V.Kasturirangan

    It is very good.

  4. hi sir,my friend and her husbnd’s boss wife are in a partnership business in which my friend does 95 percent of the work and the other one is doing nothing. But lik boss wife gets the major share. Now my friend wants to come out of the partnership without any negative feelings between them. Can u suggest a remedy sir.

  5. Sir,
    can i use more than one number in the circle technique? will it work?
    Also,i am in class xii.Can u give me some mantra so that i have no fear of exams and so i can do well in the exams?
    thanking you

  6. sir,
    i get very distracted and my mind goes into other stuff.Is there any remedy so that i can keep my mind focused in the exams?

  7. which mantra can be chant to cure urine infection in women. or girls.. what is mental cause for that?

  8. My aunt has hypertension and was admitted in the hospital for 2 days due to High BP.
    She worries alot because there are alot of troubles in her family.
    Please suggest a suitable remedy.

  9. praveena,
    give her agrimony willow cherryplum – bach flower remedies

  10. i got married in 2006 and loved my husband but he had extra marital and the marriage lasted only two months.i want t forget everything now but can not.please help me am going in depression.

  11. Jayati Banerjee
    take the flower remedies Rescue Remedy whitechestnut holly willow walnut – put 6 pills of each in a bottle of water (200 ml is enough). Have about 5 to 6 sips from that water daily for about a month

  12. Dear Sir,
    Just now I have gone through your blogs and I liked it very much.
    I would request you to kindly give me some solution for my problem as follows:
    I stay at Mumbai and I have married with one policeman recently in the month of Jan’2013 and till now he is not with me at all mentally or physically, actually his mother is creating misunderstanding between us from day one.
    We hardly talk or spent time with each other, he never picks up my phone nor talk to me when he is at home, never replies to my messages. Even if he is at home he never look at me just ignores me. I am really frustrated as I am taking care of his mother and home very much and I actually love him very much but he never pays attention to me. Even if he talks to me he talks about change of my job, opening joint account, paying my full salary to his mother etc. no love/care talk that makes me feel much neglected. It’s now only 1 ½ moth for our marriage I am not seeing any future in this cause I can’t even talk to him openly as his mother never leave us alone at home for single minute. And he also doesn’t want to spent time with me. Please suggest me some remedy for this.
    Thank you,

    Anita Parab

  13. Anita pratab
    take the flower remedies centaury chicory hornbeam each three pills four times a day.
    chant TOGETHER DIVINE as many times as possible

  14. i dnt know why my new maid always asked more money from me.,if i say money is too much ,she will say..then i cant work here,so i agree,..even see doesn’t clean my house can i get /attract good maid ….

  15. Dear Narenji
    i got operated for HERNIA a month back but the healing is taking a bit more time.can u suggest some healing mantras or any other suggestion.please help.

  16. usha krishnnan,
    take the flower remedies star of bethlehem centaury hornbeam olive

  17. Hi Naranji,

    I am worried about my niece who is getting married in Feb next year. Although it is a love marriage but I think the guy loves my niece but does not trust her fully and have applied so many conditions like after marriage you would not go alone to your parents house etc etc…. We tried to make her understand and wanted to call off the marriage but my niece is so much into him and does not want to cancel the wedding. She has also started having problems in her body like hemorrhoids, liver problem and something in her ovaries…. I have been reading your blog and can understand things but I do not want to force her to come out of the relationship. I want her to realise herself that this guy is not good for her for long term relationship…. please tell me what should I do as time is running and I do not want her to end up in divorce later….


  18. Deeya,
    give her sweetchestnut..

    This is what I got from blog…may be this will be helpful for you..

    1)”We need divine grace to get married: Sweet Chestnut. No marriage should happen without this remedy.
    Marriage – whether the person is right or not.

    Before the bride groom comes to see the girl, Sweet Chestnut will help us to find whether the person is right or not. Put it in a glass of water and keep it in the house or drink water.
    A Punjabi girl and a Punjabi guy from UK were on talking terms. Lots of money spent was spent for the calls made and internet usage. The marriage was initiated. The guy said his parents may not agree as they belong to different sub sect and so suggested to get married first and then inform his parents. The girl agreed for this arrangement and not her mother. Both the daughter and the mother took Sweet Chestnut. After few days a call came from the guy’s number. The person called was his wife. She told them that he is a cheater. He has cheated quite a few girls like this. As she couldn’t escape she is hanging around with him. Then the girl did some verification and Punjabi address that the guy had given was wrong. She was given Star of Bethlehem (for the mental shock after she figured out the truth) and Chicory – pangs of love and love failure.”

    2)call Magam star and affirm, “Activate the energy field of so and so person(in your case your niece name ); let her eyes be opened and she decides correctly”. We don’t know whether this is real love or infatuation.

  19. Thanks very much m and how can I call magma star just by calling this name few times or I have to visualize a certain star to do this affirmation… actually please explain it to me as I would like to do this on her behalf as I know she is very busy to do it herself… thanks so much again… and could you please also send me the link of the blog for sweetchestnut as I was looking for it and could not find it… thanks a lot

    • Deeya,
      Simply call magum Star and say the affirmation…
      like..Magum star, Activate the energy field of ( your niece name ); let her eyes be opened and she decides correctly”.

  20. thanks m, you are awesome

  21. So so true the message from body description for UTI ..I so relate to that…when I got married nd cam to USA …all homesickness and attachment had me that …..

    Naran sir ur post are soo very amazing and knowledgable ..
    I am chanting lalitam subramanyam ,lalitam kumaram, laliltham sudharshnam for conceiving baby boy…hope to get what I want

    Thanks and god bless

  22. While its not life threatening it is painful and can be
    damaging to your self esteem as it’s visible to everyone.

    Some of the ways you can tell if you have angular cheilitis is if
    you have cracks in the corners your mouth along with redness, swelling and tenderness in the area.
    Cheilosis is a quite common pores and skin situation that causes dry pores
    and skin around the mouth.

  23. I am 42 yes old and had 2 divorces currently jobless due to office politics. Had 2 major accidents leaving highly visible injuries in hand which are also weakened. Now under severe depression. Which mantra will cure my situation? Pls do no post my name in the site.

  24. Respected guruji,

    my mother is 76 years old. She has a very bad left leg pain and her knees are swollen and very painful. she has problems with her vericose veins. They are all swollen and so is her knees. Please any mantra remedies. would be appreciated. Bhanji

  25. lidyamanohar

    Hello sir..recently I’m facing health problem like uterine fibroid and ovary polycyst and I don’t want any surgery and I’m taking homeopathy medicine I need A cure in my body can u help me with miracle of urs I read other persons reposed of ur mantra was impressed can u Pl help me

  26. Hi sir… I’m facing lots of financial problems recently 5 months ….can u help me out so my problem get solved thank u sir for taking and reading my text……

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