How Our Body Guides Us


I noticed whenever I have a quarrel with my boy-friend, next day my right leg heel there any connection or just a matter of coincidence.


You are repeating the mistake of your father or brother. That is the message.


How do I know which mistakes I am making, same as my brother and father?

From the manual on Mind-Body Intelligence


The role of body in guiding our life is very important aspect of our life. It can guide us in the future as well as in the present.

How body guides us?

It guides us through pains. Whenever there is pain, it is an indication that a part our life has to be mended. For example, we may be fair in fighting a court case and fighting for justice. But if the body pains then we have to withdraw the case.

Warning Messages from Our Body

How our organs give us the messages, let us see now. Whatever given in the book or whatever I am going to discuss in this book may seem to be very silly but it is true.

A real-life incident to explain this concept

When I completed the 61 Body messages, it was around five o’clock in the morning. At that time, though one may not expect any call, I did expect it. I received a call from someone

She has got up at 5.30 and started working. Suddenly, there was a pulling pain, from the right shoulder to the hands. Because of the pain, she could not do any work.

I asked her. “Are you interested in doing the work?”

She said, “No. For the last three days the work has been very heavy. The maid servant hasn’t turned up either. Guests have come. I am the only person who is working. I am thinking, ‘why can’t I be helped by somebody, so that I can sit and watch the show’”.

I told her, “Tell the body that you will take a lot of interest in doing the work. You will complete it with full of enthusiasm. Find out whether the pain reduces when you utter those words”.

Fortunately after saying the above affirmation the pain vanished.

When you observe this it looks very simple. But it’s true.

However you would like to figure out what mistakes you are committing?

Read the second part of the article, “How to Use and Interpret the Messages”:

Read the third part of the article, “Messages from Body”:

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. It was just like a magic. Last 7-8 days my colleague was on leave. Due to that I only have to attend my boss. I was getting severe backache. I read this article and suggested myself that I like to work and I can handle this. And within less than a minute my backache was reduced. Thankx .

  2. dear sir’
    i am suffering from huge fibroid uterus for past many years,have had treatment but still it troubles me every mnth….heavy flow,pain, i hav to depend on medicines
    what message my body is giving ,i dont understand
    i just want that it should go away now as i am exhausted
    s sai

  3. sai
    chant Adjust together change now



    Last Friday, we took my son to an eye hospital to verify for squint. upon verification the doctor found that he is suffering from Lazy eye ( on his right eye) since birth.His right eye has got -6 and left eye has got -1; after verification and the entire family is totally down on hearing this. My Son is turning 5 today (May 14) and I humbly request you suggest some mantras to improve my son’s eye power

    With Warmest Regards

  5. v.Ramakrishnan,
    play the vision improvement cd while he is in the bed

  6. V.Ramakrishnan

    Many Thanks Sir. Would buy the CD tommorrow from the Center. I want to thank you once again for your guidance to sell my property (Feb 22 post on this blog)

    I wanted to ask one request on behalf of my friend who had referred this blog to me. My Friend Nagasundaram is 37yrs old and he is still finding a right match for him. He is a very religious person and does his daily rituals promptly. I wanted to help him in any form so that he would get married.

    Please help me with your guidance to help him to get married very soon.

    With Warm Regards

  7. v.Ramakrishnan

    • V. Ramakrishnan

      Thanks very much sir. I bought the CD and I am playing daily whenever my son is in bed. I am confident that he would regain his vision sooner.

  8. Dear Sir,

    I hv frequent urination prb. i tried many doctors, reports r showing normal but stil m facing d same prb since childhood….its so awkward whn m wid others….plz help

    • I had the same problem. Naran asked me to do the following Mudra on both the hands for 30 minutes a day, middle and ring fingers touching the tip of the thumb. Chant ‘Together Divine” while doing the mudra.

      It is very helpful.

  9. dear Sir,

    M nt coming across d rite guy to get settled down in life….till now d rejections wer frm boys side o ma side…i dunno wt’s happening in ma life…y i cnt find a guy of ma choice …m already 30 nw n m really v upset….y things does’nt go well in ma life? wt does dis sign indicates? every time der r obstacles comin on ma way…plz help

  10. wt does lalitham lambodaram means? cn u explain?

  11. at present m chanting sweetchestnut wildrose chestnutbud rockrose gorse invite my life partner…shall i stop tht n chant lalitham lambodaram?

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