Unable to Receive

Frozen shoulders


My left shoulder is frozen, what is the remedy?


What are you withholding?

Release all that.

Freeze” or “Frozen” means we are withholding something.

Left indicates savings. What is not required, we are withholding and saving it.

Have you taken health insurance? Have you taken for someone? Stop that first.

From Mind-Body Intelligence Workshop notes

(Left) it means unable to receive. That something is frozen – may be relationship is frozen.

The message here is:  “Unnecessarily you’re avoiding somebody. You will not be receiving love in the future. Don’t avoid that person because you may have to depend on him in the future”.

Body tells us, “Even though you may have many reasons to avoid a person, don’t do that”.

About NaranTeam

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 11 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. After running on treadmill, my left ankle and bones inside the left foot has been paining. Deep-seated pain since two months now and I can’t walk or use my left leg properly. Kindly help me with a mantra for the leg to recover. warm regards

  2. hi sir,my mom’s right leg’s big toe alone is havin a intense burnin sensation for the past 1 week. Wat does it indicate sir and plz suggest a remedy

  3. dear sir,

    my dad’s right side full body is almost paralysed as he hd gt a minor stroke though he walks bt he cnt feel any sensation since almost 7-8 yrs. Wt does it indicate n plz tell me remedy. I want him to b perfectly well

  4. Respected Sir
    My husband always says he has headache & he often falls sick. He often gets fewer & headache.
    Please guide me what to be done

  5. Dear Sir,

    escapism frm what? Can you plz tell me….So tht i cn help ma dad to get well….wt is it tht he is escapin from? plz reply

  6. plz tell me sm remedies …..which bach flower remedies wl heal him n mk him completely well……plz help me ……I want him to get well soon as he is suffering frm diabetes, blood pressure n rite side paralysis.

    • a
      till naran sir replies you can try this..(i got these things from sir’s blog)
      1)for paralysis he can chant “Madavam Madavan”

      2)For Blood Pressure: Agrimony + Willow + Cherry plum

      Paralysis: Escapism and avoidance are the two remedies have these key words. Paralysis – too much of Anger. Agrimony will have anger inside or sadness inside but smile outside: Agrimony + Willow + Chestnut bud + Cherry plum.

      so he can take “Agrimony + Willow + Chestnut bud + Cherry plum.”

      3-chant, “Rum Bum Lum Dhum”. for diabetes
      “For diabetes patients. 20 minutes, twice a day. Proper Digestion will happen. Once that happens perfectly, your craving for more food will come down.After 30 days check it, you will find your sugar level would have come down.”


  7. dear sir,

    i broke off wid ma guys since last week……….his frnds n family hz poisoned his mind against me n he is changed n nw he is ignorin me ……n warned me nt to call him….plz tel me remedy so tht i may remove him frm d poison fed by his frnds n family against me….he is searching for a new girl nw………help me.


  8. dear sir,

    i love a boy n want to get married to him within dis year….bt he keeps delayin saying until n unless i hang out wid him ….he wont get married….as i belong to a strict fly…i cnt hang out wid him ………though we talk on phone n hv met many times he still wants to hang out…..plz help me so tht he may leave his stubborn nature n gets ready to marry me within dis year. i tried convincing him ….bt he does’nt listen…..nw only u cn change his mind.

  9. dear sir,

    my bf broke off wid me yesterday….bcz ma parents r strict i cnt speak to him on phone……i met him many times….n hung out wid him along wid ma frnds……bt bcz i neva hung out wid him alone….he is frustrated….n he does’nt want to keep in contact wid me…he says m boring type………plz help me….so tht he may change his mind….n gets ready to marry me within dis year………he says he does’nt hv interest in me anymore………bt whn i use to speak to him on phone he use to show interest….plz tell me remedy

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