Heart Problems

From the “Mind-Body (Organs) Relationship Sep 2013 Workshop”:  http://wp.me/p31KXo-1T

Removing Pericardium

If pericardium is removed, the heart will not be protected as boundary will not be defined. They will believe anything as pericardium the cover for the heart is not present anymore.

Cause of heart problems

Water element is the cause of heart problems.

Water is the outside cause, while Earth element is the solution finder: http://wp.me/ptUIO-3y

How heart disease is created?

Disappointment and worry of earth element attacks water, disturbs the will power, and creates fear.

First there is a disappointment in life, which leads to worry. Worry invades water and causes fears.

How the heart problem is created?

Disappointment and discontentment about life makes a person fearful. So, he loses his will-power, which is either felt as suspicion, rage, or lack of joy and love (caused by fear), and the heart ails or get diseased.

What to do if you get heart problems?

If you get heart problem, take care of stomach and spleen – eat on time, and don’t be tempted to eat anything that you come across.

However, we will simply allow others to influence our actions. We will decide not to eat sweets. However, when an ad comes in the magazines and newspapers on festival days, we will be tempted to buy the sweets along with the free item. Then we feel happy to take the sweets.

Taking care of stomach is important

If you take care of stomach, there will not be any heart problem. If you have heart problem now, then taking care of stomach will do. You don’t need to take care of your heart. However, taking care of your eating and elimination will do.

What drives us to doctor? It is fear. Without fear we will lead a happier life. Even if we are not fearful, our family members will kindle the fear in us and make us go to hospitals, from where we are not sure we may return safely.

So, fear has to be released to solve your heart problems. Listen to the “Reiki 5 Elements” CD now, to do the meditation that helps you to release the fear.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. naran sir, your interpretation about cause of heart disease is fear. so kindly suggest powerful switch words or vedic mantra for this in your blog. b.dash

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