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  1. I have pain in my left elbow and wrist especially in the night. Lower back also hurts a lot all day long. Can u help please? How i can i get in touch directly and not through mail?

  2. Sir,

    On this NEw Year day celebration, early morning around 5-00a.m.,first thing in the morning was I got my left INDEX FINGER with a blade. Did not allow it to bleed. But there was a cut on my finger which still exists.What does this mean with the topic “Mind and Body Releationshi[\p”.

  3. Sir,

    How do we relate a person sufferring from cold, cough and fever with Mind and body relationship.

    I request you to suggest a bach flower remedy for the same.

    • roopa
      ask the person to develop attitude of gratitude and love.

      • YesSir. We are into that field. But inspite of that, we are sufferring from cold, cough, heavy headache. Hence, I thought I will ask you for some bach flower remedies.

  4. Sir,

    MIGRAINE/HEAD ACHE: A person is sufferring from severe headache. It could be for Migraine, Sinus, Stress, tension, worries. How do we anlyse the situation. What kind of bach flower remedies can you suggest on these situations.

  5. roopa
    what does the person say about his problem. Give it verbatim.

    • Sir,
      Shantha says the following:
      1) Gets headache when she goes out in the sun, roams around shopping for a long time.
      2) When she gave birth to her first baby, after a month her father-in-law expired. At that moment, the mother-in-law made a comment saying after the baby was born, her husband expired. AT this situation, there was no one to help Shantha. Her parents were in a poor condition and were not able to take care of her. She had no proper care after the delivery.

      This are her two comments.

      • “after the baby was born, her husband expired”. This statement is circulating in the mind which comes out periodically as pain in the head. -Whitechestnut is the remedy to let go this statement.
        This head ache comes periodically when she goes out in the sun. She is affected by the external environment. unable to adjust to the environment requires Walnut.
        These persons would say,”when i go in the sun, i will get head ache. When i take head bath , i get headache or cold.. anything external that triggers internal disorder requires walnut

  6. roopa

  7. Hello Naransir,

    My friend’s father dignosed with Stage 3 blood cancer and is currently taking chemotherapy. He is going through lots of pain and chemotherapy is not much helping him. Is there any mantra or switchwords for him to get relief and/or to help with chemothearpy? As he will not able to chant as he is too weak, but his daughter (i.e. my friend) will chant or do whterver you suggest for him.

    Thank you so much sir.

  8. kinnari sha,
    changt HARI OM as many times as possible. chant hari om over a glass of water and give that water to him at least by a spoon.

  9. I am speechless reading the testimonials and case studies. I can only find words to say, thank you for all the healing gifts you bestow.

  10. Dear sir , my left eye twitches a lot . sometimes continues for a week. I went to a doctor who prescribed glasses. I am now wearing glasses but the twitching continues. I am stressed most of the time . Is there a switchword that I can use .

  11. meera,
    slow care point

  12. I am suffering from chronic cough (post nasal discharge) with breathlessness. It gets triggered by stress, pollution and other yet-not-clear triggers. What is your suggestion to deal with this problem? Sometimes, the problem is so severe that it becomes depressing……

      The system is unable to throw what is not needed.
      you need to be true to yourself and others. Speak your mind openy to God, writing all your misdeeds, unforgettable past wounds and hurts.
      Forgiving and thanking what all happened are the only ways to be free from cough.
      I open myself to the love beauty and grace of the divine

  13. Thanks Divine Be🙏🌹🌹

  14. I have right ankle pain from an year.
    My marraige is toxic. I want divorce and he want baby. I have 2 yr baby girl who means world to me.
    Husband and his family is rude to me and do not tell me anything. My husband only listens to them and acts accordingly. What to do?
    please suggest

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