(Divine) Will from Her Father

Conflict among the siblings over their parent’s property

There was a conflict among some siblings over their parental property. One of the sisters is very poor and she developed a knee problem. Here, the message from her body is that she should not be possessive and had to give up. Interestingly, while the sister who was very badly in need of money had the knee problem, none of her siblings have got any knee problems.

As per the will, she is getting lesser share than others. Others were getting some cash too, while she was not getting any.

She totally believed me and whatever I tell her, she was ready to follow.

I told her to accept whatever was given to her. I asked her to chant, ‘I am ready to submit myself to the Divine Will’. When she started to chant, the pain went off.

Now came the interesting climax

The area allotted for all of them was to be either in ground floor or third floor. They decided to go for the draw and in that she was allotted the third floor area.

Again, she approached me. She wept over her situation and I gave her the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy (to calm her down).

In the flat opposite to hers, which was for sale, was bought by a family. There was a boy in that family who was in marriageable age. The whole family liked this lady as well as her daughter very much. The family wanted the daughter to get married to their son. In addition, there was no demand (dowry) from the boy’s side. They also took care of the marriage expenses. Thus, there were no expenses whatsoever for the girl’s side.

The couple now very happily settled.

Body puts us in the path created for us by divinity

So we do not know what is there in store for us by the Divine. By god’s grace she accepted whatever I told her and accepted the property given to her.

The body is nothing but the Divine. We have to accept the message it is giving and act accordingly. At each and every step it guides us.

However, we fail to understand the message. We do not how to infer the messages from the body and we never take care of the body either.

About Elsol

Naran balakumar is a herbalist practising bach flower therapy for the last 21 years. Naran is a Reiki master teacher.

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  1. Yes that is so true. I have experienced it. Sir,are there any Bach remedies to heal the basic chakra and ones financial situation? I am seeing all the issues of the basic chakra. Balance, finances draining away, fear …all of them are showing themselves. How to bring financial and emotional stability?

  2. help,
    chant OM LAM NAMAHA 100 times over a tumbler of water and drink it. keep the picture of basic chakra under your pillow.
    be in pran mudra for 15 minutes and chant the above mantra as many times as possible

    • Naranji,can one chant the total mantra of chakra’om hum namaha,om yam namaha,om ram namaha,om vam namaha,om lam namaha’over a glass of water and drink it for cleaning chakras?

    • After many months of doing, I am experiencing great feelings of security.
      Thank you so much Sir. May God bless you for your great service.

  3. Most respected sir,I am pained to learn that one of my friend is suffering from multiple sclerosis…is paralysed waist down and is totally dependant on people for everything….can he be helped somehow…??can I at my end contribute towards his healing?pls advice accordingly….secondly,pls advice SW etc so I can grasp concepts of Indian classical music and learn it efficiently…..many thanks sir…..

  4. Rushrush,
    chant reach divine music.

  5. Hello Naranji, please help me, i m not getting settled in a job or any kind of business. Its very less income or i keep loosing my job frequently. Confusion in marrying, whether right one or wrong. Parents health is falling, worried about them. Plea se help

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  8. Hello Naran Sir,
    I need your help. My 13 years Son(Shaunak Sen) not able to focus and concentrate on his studies. He only likes to watch TV or phone. He has too much anger issues. Please guide me what should I do for him.

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