Don’t be a pain in the neck


A lady visited Himalayas on her tour and while coming back developed a neck problem. She could see only to her left and cannot move towards her right.

For one year she tried various treatments. Finally she came to me. I simply gave her WATER VIOLET and BEECH.

She argued that she has taken so many treatments and she is not alright. How this Water Violet and Beech could make her alright?

I told her with one dose if the pain is not reduced I will take back the remedies. She took one dose and immediately became alright. Then I asked her to continue for about one month.


Water violet: the message it tells us, ‘Shed your ego and pride. All are equal’.

Beech:  to see good in others; to understand other man’s point of view.

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Don’t tell lies


Knee bucking means there is an issue with the parents.

Right knee is called “Satyam”. If one tells lies, there could be knee buckling. Even sometimes we would have told a lie to escape from a situation we don’t like. It may not be so severe but still the body says it is wrong through knee buckling.

If there is a buckling in the right knee then it means that the person is lying.

If there is any problem or buckling in the left knee, it means that the person is doing something unfair. Some Adharamam is happening there. Left knee is called “Adharma”.

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Anger at the world


My right leg is paining from past 2 months. There’s some kind of uneasy feeling in my leg.

Also, my left heel is paining from past 3 days. What does all this indicate?


Check for spur in the heel. If not check whether there is tendonitis?

It shows your movement is restricted, you lack gratitude and have anger at the world.

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Heal your kidneys

For cough…!!!

Bhuvana Srinivasan

I have been your student, follower and a great admirer of your healing powers. I had severe cough for months together.

You asked me to take (Bach Flower Remedy) WHITE CHESTNUT and (Gem Remedy) YELLOW SAPPHIRE.

You also told me a new technique. Heal kidneys by giving it Reiki. It worked. I blindly followed and I am feeling good.


How Kidneys are connected with dry cough? By healing kidneys, one’s immunity is increased and cough is reduced.

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Unpack your anger


My husband’s acupuncturist says his liver is heated too much. What does it indicate? He asked him to put liver pack daily.


Anger, rage and unconnected with parents


My husband is frustrated about his parents. How to overcome this?

My father-in-law has two wives. He lives with his 2nd wife and showing no attention to my husband’s family.


It is not his concern. “Judging the father, and getting angry as well as feeling frustrated is not required; you go on your own way, without being angry with him” is the message for him from his BODY.

Ask him to do the forgiving exercise (regarding his father).

Ask him to chant “BE TINY CONCEDE CLEAR REVERSE LOVE NOW” daily 108 times for one year.


I am sorry to say this. He is not into chanting but he will take pills.

So can you pls suggest flower remedies for him and I will try to make him chant the above words.


He has to chant. There is no alternative.

Give him BEECH, WALNUT, HOLLY and CHERRY PLUM to tolerate and stop judging, release the anger and to bear without resisting.

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Glowing Skin


My skin is very dry. What can I chant for glowing skin?


Vitamin A is less.  Tone up the liver, which will produce extra Vitamin A. Then your skin tone will improve.

Chant “OM HROOM NAMAHA” 100 times over a glass of water and drink that water to tone up your liver.

In addition, circulation inside your body has to be improved by being in the PRAN MUDRA and chanting the mantra, “HRAAM NAMAHA”.  The mantra tones up the heart.

The skin is dry as the water element is less.

Also, the skin has 7 layers and each of them has cells that have to be strengthened (by earth element).

The Pran Mudra activates both the water (ring finger) and earth (little finger) elements. 

Heart Problems

From the “Mind-Body (Organs) Relationship Sep 2013 Workshop”:

Removing Pericardium

If pericardium is removed, the heart will not be protected as boundary will not be defined. They will believe anything as pericardium the cover for the heart is not present anymore.

Cause of heart problems

Water element is the cause of heart problems.

Water is the outside cause, while Earth element is the solution finder:

How heart disease is created?

Disappointment and worry of earth element attacks water, disturbs the will power, and creates fear.

First there is a disappointment in life, which leads to worry. Worry invades water and causes fears.

How the heart problem is created?

Disappointment and discontentment about life makes a person fearful. So, he loses his will-power, which is either felt as suspicion, rage, or lack of joy and love (caused by fear), and the heart ails or get diseased.

What to do if you get heart problems?

If you get heart problem, take care of stomach and spleen – eat on time, and don’t be tempted to eat anything that you come across.

However, we will simply allow others to influence our actions. We will decide not to eat sweets. However, when an ad comes in the magazines and newspapers on festival days, we will be tempted to buy the sweets along with the free item. Then we feel happy to take the sweets.

Taking care of stomach is important

If you take care of stomach, there will not be any heart problem. If you have heart problem now, then taking care of stomach will do. You don’t need to take care of your heart. However, taking care of your eating and elimination will do.

What drives us to doctor? It is fear. Without fear we will lead a happier life. Even if we are not fearful, our family members will kindle the fear in us and make us go to hospitals, from where we are not sure we may return safely.

So, fear has to be released to solve your heart problems. Listen to the “Reiki 5 Elements” CD now, to do the meditation that helps you to release the fear.

Constipation, Sleeplessness and Itching packed together


One of my distant relative made a distress call to me saying that he couldn’t sleep well for the last three days. Interestingly, he wasn’t feeling tired. During the same time, he was suffering from constipation and a severe itching problem.

As he called me very late in the night, I couldn’t give him any remedies. So, my first target was to get him sleep well. So I suggested him to be in Safe and Secure Mudra and listen to the ‘Mooladhara’ CD. I also told him to keep the Power Life Symbol 53 under his pillow.

Next day, he reported that he slept well, his irritation is gone and constipation disappeared.


When there is constipation, the organs affected are large intestine and lungs (itching). No energy from the earth element is sent to them.

Once the earth element is activated by listening to Mooladhara CD, it got energized and sent the necessary energy to air element, namely lungs and large intestine. The stagnation of energy in the Mooladhara got released and he slept well.

However, he has to correct his constipation.

The energy circle is as follows: Metal -Water-Wood –Fire–Earth-Metal.

Tao Mantras for toning up the organs


Know-how of chanting the mantras

Say the mantra for all the organs involved in the disease/problem situation – emotional or life. For example, when you have a problem related to large intestine then chant the mantras for Lungs and Large Intestine, Heart and Small Intestine, and Kidneys and Urinary Bladder.

In general, chant the mantras for all the organs on a daily basis – to improve general well-being. It will improve your emotional, social and economic aspects of life as well.

How to pronounce the mantras?

The “Reiki and Five Elements” CD has the pronunciation of all the mantras:

Any limit to chanting the mantras and the appropriate time?

No restrictions.

Whatever rules applied to other general mantras can be applied for these mantras. Of course, we need to explore further as we have started exploring only recently.

Mantra-charged water

Give the mantra-charged water to patients.

Organs Tao Mantra Element
Lungs and Large Intestine Liyay chu, Piyaan lee Metal
Kidneys, Urinary Bladder Ka chong, Fai yang Water
Liver and Gall Bladder Lie gow, Kuang Ming Wood
Heart and Small Intestine Fong li, Chi-cheng Fire
Stomach and Spleen Tha pow, Fung long Earth

Overlooking a symptom proved fatal


A Few years back, my uncle who developed breathlessness after jaundice was admitted in one of the top five hospitals in Chennai. He had jaundice. The doctors did a thorough check-up, did all the tests and suggested the patient to be in ventilator.

At that time they overlooked the fact that my uncle didn’t pass urine for the last two days. After two days, my uncle had a kidney failure and passed away.

This made me work on the interconnection between the organs. Check out the post on connections between various organs

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